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General questions

How do I start trading with Suncorp Share Trade?

To open a trading account you can complete an application form online, print and sign it, and return it to us with a copy of your identification.

If you only want to sell some shares, but don’t want to open an account with us, try our One-off Sale service. Sign a single form and send it to us with a copy of your share holding statement and identification and you will receive a cheque a few days later.

Once I complete my application, when can I start trading?

When we have received your form and identification we will process your application, and open your account the same day. You can begin trading over the phone or online immediately (note - you will need cash and/or shares in your account in order to place orders).

How can I change my address/contact details?

Use our Change of Details will need to be signed by all account holders. This form can be faxed to us on (02) 8915 9484 or mailed to Suncorp Share Trade, GPO Box 4490, Sydney NSW 2001.

I trade over the phone with Suncorp Share Trade. Can I see my CHESS holdings and Cash Account balances online?

Yes. Just call our Help Desk on 1300 156 299 to arrange access to the site. Or if you prefer, apply online to enable online access.

What type of securities can I trade?

All exchange traded securities, excluding Options. These include ordinary shares and warrants listed on the ASX. See the full list of securities on our Overview page.

Can I trade Options online?

Suncorp Share Trade currently does not have the capability to trade Options. Please contact us on 1300 156 299 if you would like more information.

How do I pay for my shares?

For orders placed online, you must have sufficient funds available in your Suncorp Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA) prior to placing your order. Payment for telephone orders should be discussed with the dealer taking the order.

Who can trade on my account?

Only the account holder (or holders in the case of joint accounts) can trade on your account unless you have authorised other persons to do so. If you wish to nominate another person to trade on your account, you must complete the Authorised Agent Form and send it to us.

What are the fees for accessing News, Research and Market information?

All information on the web site is free for clients. There are nominal fees associated with SMS and Email alerts, but apart from these, the only fee you pay is brokerage on trades. For more details on our fees and charges, please see our Rates & Fees page.

Where do you obtain your research and business news from?

Our company research is supplied to us under licence by Aspect Huntley. Our business news and market updates are provided by Dow Jones Newswires and Futuresource. Our charts are provided under licence by Big Charts.

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Online trading

What can I trade via the Internet?

All exchange traded securities, excluding Options. These include ordinary shares and warrants listed on the ASX.

What is the minimum value of shares that I can buy?

The ASX requires a minimum parcel of $500 to be traded if you do not currently hold that particular security. Once you possess $500 worth of an individual security you may purchase any value of shares you wish.

Do I have to trade in round lots?

In Australia, you can trade any quantity you please as long as it's a whole number. For example, you can buy 1 share, 10,000 shares, 10,321 shares and so on.

To what extent can I buy and sell shares online through Suncorp Share Trade?

We will accept an order of any size as long as it is either covered by available funds in your WCMA (for buy orders) or covered by CHESS Sponsored Holdings (for sell orders). When you sell shares online, the funds from the sale are available for purchases immediately after the trade is completed.

What is Straight Through Processing?

Straight Through Processing (STP) is where your order is sent directly to the ASX market, without any human intervention. Some online brokers use a system whereby your order is sent to a dealer who then has to approve or reject it and manually enter it into the market. Obviously in times of market turbulence, this could cause significant delays in getting the order on the market. Our computer system approves or rejects the order and places it directly on the market.

In some cases, however, we will require an order to be approved by a dealer before it is sent to the market. This will generally happen when the order price is too far from the market, or there has been little trading activity in the stock. This system protects you by ensuring that an order which may have been entered incorrectly is prevented from trading (for example, if you had placed a price of $10.00 instead of $1.00.)

How fast are orders entered?

During market hours, our system can have an order on the market within seconds of receiving it. Note: Internet conditions such as the speed of your computer, your modem, your connection to your ISP, your ISP's connection to the Internet itself, will all play a part in determining how long it takes for an order to reach our system.

How do I pay for my shares?

You must have sufficient available funds available in your Suncorp Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA) prior to placing your order.

Can I send orders via e-mail?

We will not accept orders sent by e-mail.

Can I place an 'at market order' online?

Yes. You can easily place an order at the current best market price by choosing the "Copy best buy/sell price" in the trading windows. Placing an at-market order does not guarantee that your order will trade.

What is a limit order?

A limit order is when a trader places a set maximum price on a buy instruction or a set minimum price on a sell order. If the market doesn't reach the set price, the order will not be executed.

When will my order expire?

Orders can be submitted with a specific expiry date up to 8 months in the future, or can be marked as “Good Till Cancelled”, in which case the order will not expire unless the stock is purged by the ASX, which may happen when the stock goes ex-dividend, for example).

If an expiry date falls on a Public Holiday or weekend, the order will be purged on the evening of the previous trading day.

Can I amend or cancel my orders, and will I be charged extra?

Any order that has not been filled can be amended or cancelled at any time. You will not be charged for any amendment or cancellation. Note that if you amend an order to a higher quantity, the order may “split” into two separate orders, in which case each would attract a brokerage charge.

What is a split order?

All orders on the market at the same price level are queued in the order in which they were received. If you amend the quantity of an order to a greater quantity, and there are orders behind your original order in the queue, the amendment will create a second order at the end of the queue for the increased quantity. This is called splitting the order, and is an automated process within the ASX’s market systems.

Why was I charged brokerage twice on a split order?

The ASX market treats split orders as entirely separate orders. For this reason, standard brokerage charges will apply to both orders.

Why can I sometimes increase the quantity but I do not create two orders?

If there are no orders behind your original order in the queue, we submit the amendment in such a way that the original order is not split. But, if there are orders behind your original order, we cannot avoid creating the split order.

How can I avoid splitting an order?

There are two ways to avoid splitting the order – firstly, increasing the quantity but also changing the price will avoid splitting the order as this will move the whole new quantity to the end of the queue for the new price level. If you would prefer not to change your price, you can cancel the original order and submit a new order for the new quantity. Note, however, that if the original order has already partially traded, then brokerage would still apply to both the old and new orders.

What happens to my shares once I have bought them?

Online share traders with Suncorp Share Trade must be broker sponsored with CHESS. Your shares will be entered into your portfolio and will be available for you to trade them in the future. The share will also be registered with CHESS under your Holder Identification Number (HIN) and a statement will be sent to your registered address. See the CHESS section below for more information about CHESS.

How will I be notified of an order's progress or any problems?

We have built a sophisticated messaging system that advises you at each step of an order's progress - from placement on the market, through partial fills and through to a final fill. The messaging system also will advise if an order is rejected, and provide a reason for the rejection. The messaging system can be accessed by choosing View Messages from the left-hand menu.

If you choose to be notified by e-mail of trading events, then you will also be e-mailed at each stage. You can turn this notification on or off by choosing Preferences from under the left-hand menu, and then changing the current setting.

Will I still receive Trading Confirmations

Yes. Trading confirmations will be forwarded via email or post for each trade. Confirmations can also be viewed and downloaded from the Confirmations page.

How long is the settlement term?

Starting with March 2016, for most ASX securities, settlement is in T+2 days (i.e. two trading days from the date the trade was completed).

How do I receive my proceeds from share sales?

Proceeds from online share sales will be credited to your Suncorp Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA).

If I sell my shares can I use the funds immediately to buy more shares?

Yes, but the funds are not available to withdraw until the sale is settled.

Why is a BUYER offering more than a SELLER is asking?

The market is in PRE-OPEN, which means that buyers can overbid sellers in order to have their bid at the top of the market. When the market opens, all the bids are compared and a formula is run by the ASX system to allocate those shares that are overlapping, until a 'normal' market is established (i.e. buyer price below seller).

Why was my order rejected?

The most common reason for an order to be rejected is an invalid quantity or price value. The minimum purchase quantity is $500 and the price must be a valid price step. Check the help panel in the buy and sell windows for correct price steps.

Another common reason orders are rejected because an incorrect price has been entered (E.g.: $1000 instead of $10).

Orders may also be rejected or forwarded to a Designated Trading Representative for compliance reasons. CMC Markets Stockbroking has obligations under ASX Business Rules and Corporations Law to prevent false and misleading trading and help facilitate an orderly market. Every order submitted to us is checked against certain criteria to ensure we are meeting our obligations. Some of these criteria are: checks to see whether the client has 2 or more orders in a stock and whether these orders are trying to raise, lower or maintain a stock price; orders that materially affect the market and do not reflect the current trading history of that stock.

When can I place orders?

Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders placed outside of market hours are queued and sent to the market on the next trading day at 7am. Orders placed between 7am and 4:15 pm on trading days are sent directly to the market. The market trading hours are generally between 10:00am and 4:15pm, although these hours do change from time to time.

The status of my order says ‘Waiting’ - What does that mean?

A status of ‘Waiting’ indicates the order has been received outside of market hours and is waiting for the market to open before being sent to the market.

The status of my order says 'With Broker' - What does that mean?

An order with a status of 'With Broker' means your order has been bought to the attention of one of our DTR's for approval.

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What is CHESS?

CHESS stands for Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System. Instead of issuing a physical share certificate CHESS records an account's share ownership via the ASX's computer-based share and settlement transaction system. An account's security holding are recorded against their HIN and a statement is sent out to their registered address.

What is a HIN?

HIN stands for Holder Identification Number. It is the number by which CHESS identifies an account and registers their holdings. It also identifies the broker they hold the securities with. You will be provided with a HIN when request to be CHESS sponsored with Suncorp Share Trade.

I have a HIN with another broker. Can I trade these shares through my account?

You will need to transfer any stock held under your HIN with another broker to your HIN with Suncorp Share Trade. We can arrange this on your behalf - simply complete the Transfer CHESS Holdings form.

How long does it take to transfer my securities from another firm?

Your broker is required by the Australian Securities Exchange to transfer your securities in 2 business days. Delays may be experienced if the spelling of your name or other details does not match exactly, so be sure to provide the information exactly as it appears on your CHESS statement.

I have some issuer sponsored shares. How can I transfer them to my Suncorp Share Trade account?

If your shares are sponsored by the issuing company, you may wish to transfer them to be CHESS sponsored by CMC Markets Stockbroking (note that in order to sell shares online they must be CHESS sponsored by us). Simply mail or fax your issuer sponsored holding statement along with a letter requesting us to transfer them into your account.

Note that you can only transfer into an account of the same name as the issuer sponsored statement. Transferring into a different name is treated as an off-market transfer and may be subject to fees and/or government charges. For example, if the holdings are in the name Mr J Smith, you cannot transfer them directly into the account Mr and Mrs J Smith. Please call us on 1300 156 299 if you have any questions about CHESS transfers.

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Suncorp Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA)

What is a Suncorp Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA)?

The Suncorp Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA) is a new account that gives you a convenient place to park your cash in between trades, backed by the strength of a leading Australian bank. The WCMA provides you with easy access to your money, no monthly fees and competitive interest rates without unnecessary fuss. It also works well in conjunction with your Suncorp Share Trade account

Share purchases are debited from your WCMA on the day of settlement and proceeds from share sales are credited back to your account on the day of settlement. This results in a seamless share trading experience that means your cash automatically earns interest when it is not in use.

Please note, funds on deposit with Suncorp Bank are not protected by the ASX National Guarantee Fund.

Why should I open a Suncorp Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA)?

The Suncorp Bank Wealth Cash Management Account is the easiest way for us to deposit the proceeds of your sales and for you to pay for your purchases. The benefits of this account include no monthly fees and higher interest than normal savings accounts. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly. The rate is variable and depends on your account balance.

While you can open a trading account without a WCMA, you will be unable to trade online.

Is there a minimum balance required for the account?

No, we do not require a minimum balance in the cash account.

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate depends on your balance. See our Rates and Fees page for the current interest rates.

How do I get funds out of my Suncorp Bank Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA)?

Your funds are “At Call” which means you can access your money at any time that our banking facilities are available. Staff can assist you to access your funds at any Suncorp Bank branch or you can transfer electronically through Telephone and Internet banking, or using BPAY®, direct debits and credits, or using your card at ATMs and EFTPOS facilities. For more information, contact us anytime on 13 11 55.

How do I put funds into my account?

If you want to deposit money, you can arrange a direct credit into your account (e.g. salary credit or direct funds transfer). You can also deposit cash or cheques at any Suncorp Bank branch. All Suncorp Bank accounts have the same BSB: 484-799. For more information, contact us anytime on 13 11 55.

How do I find out more about the Suncorp Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA)?

You can find more details by reading the Product Information Document.

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Logins and Passwords

What is a Login Code?

Your login code is the code, or username, that identifies you on the web site. You can select a login code when you open an account, as long as no-one else on the web site is already using the code you have selected.

What is a Login Password?

Your login password is used with your login code to enter the web site. When you first open an account, we will email you a random password which you can change using the Preferences page - there is a link to Preferences under the menu on the left of the screen when you are logged into the site. You should ensure that no-one else knows your login password as they may then gain access to view your details on the web site.

How can I change my Login Password?

You can change your login password using the Preferences page - there is a link to Preferences under the menu on the left of the screen when you are logged into the site.

What is a Trading Pin?

Your trading pin is used when you place orders online. We will issue you with a trading pin when your account has been opened. You should ensure that no-one else knows your trading pin - if they also know your login code and login password, they could place orders on your account.

Can I change my Trading Pin?

You cannot change your trading pin online, but if you call our Helpdesk on 1300 156 299 we can do it over the phone once we verify your identity.

How can I update my email address?

You can change your email address for the web site using the Preferences page - there is a link to Preferences under the menu on the left of the screen when you are logged into the site. This will update your address for web site messages, but not for alerts or emailed trade confirmations. Alert email addresses need to be changed for each alert (since you may have them going to a different, valid address). To change your email address for trading confirmations, you will need to complete an Electronic Confirmation Authority form.

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Technical Questions

What Operating System or Web Browser should I use to access the Suncorp Share Trade site?

We have tested the web site with the following operating systems and web browsers:

Operating Systems for PC Users Windows XP (recommended)
Windows 2000
Windows Vista
Operating Systems for Mac Users Mac OS 10
Mac OS X
Browsers for PC Users Internet Explorer 7.0
Internet Explorer 6.0
Netscape 7.2
Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and above
Browsers for Mac Users Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above
Safari 2.0 and above

If your system does not meet these minimum specifications, we will only be able to offer limited support, and you may find that some functions on the site will not work as expected.

The Internet seems slow today. What's wrong and how can I speed things up?

Internet speed problems can be due to a number of reasons. We suggest you try accessing different web sites to try and determine if it is only one site that is slow, or all sites. If all sites, or more than one, seem slow, then you should speak with your Internet Service Provider. If only our site seems slow, call our Helpdesk and we’ll try to help.

Can I access the Suncorp Share Trade website when I'm at work?

This will depend on your employer’s internet policy and whether they have installed any firewalls or services which will prevent you accessing our site.

I cannot access the BUY, SELL, AMEND and CANCEL pages

The trading pages open in a new window, so if you have any “pop-up blockers” running, they could prevent the windows opening. Some web browsers have built-in pop-up blockers. To view or change these settings, in Internet Explorer, try Tools | Pop-up Blocker, or in Firefox, try Tools | Options | Content.

I'm concerned about placing orders over the Internet. How safe is it?

We use SSL Encryption to encrypt your trading password and order instructions when you submit them to us using the web site. You should be careful to ensure that your trading password is not shared with anyone else, or used in such a way that it might be discovered by someone else. Good practices to follow for our site, and any financial site, include:

  • do not access our site from public computers, such as internet cafes, as you can never know what software could be on those computers that could discover your passwords
  • ensure your computer is protected by an up-to-date anti virus program and firewall
  • do not follow links in emails that ask you to confirm your login details. Suncorp Share Trade will not ask you for your password in any emails

If you are still concerned about trading online, you may feel more comfortable trading with our phone dealers and using the web site for the pricing, tools and research.

How can I keep email from Suncorp Share Trade out of my spam folder?

If you find that your anti-spam software is putting emails from Suncorp Share Trade in your spam folder, try some of these tips:

  1. Add to your email address book, contact list or 'Safe List'
  2. If you are using Outlook
    • On the Tools menu, select Options
    • Select Junk E-mail
    • Select the Safe Senders tab
    • Select Add... and type
    • Select OK
    • Also make sure 'Also trust e-mail from my Contacts' check box is selected
  3. If you are using Hotmail

Other technical questions?

Our Helpdesk is available from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday on 1300 156 299, and can help troubleshoot problems you are experiencing with our web site. If a problem appears to be related to your particular computer or Internet connection we can try and offer assistance, but may need to refer you to your ISP or a computer support company.

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Wealth Cash Management Accounts are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722. Please read the Product Information Document before making any decisions regarding this product. Contact us for a copy on 13 11 55 or visit your nearest branch. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply.

Suncorp Share Trade is a service provided by CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited ABN 69 081 002 851 AFSL No. 246381, a Participant of the ASX Group (“CMC Markets Stockbroking”) at the request of Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722, AFSL 229882 (“Suncorp"). For a copy of the terms and conditions relating to the Suncorp Share Trade service and the Financial Services Guides for CMC Markets Stockbroking or Suncorp (or other relevant disclosure documents), contact us on 1300 156 299 or via email at Neither CMC Markets Stockbroking nor Suncorp are representatives of each other. To the extent permitted by law, Suncorp will not guarantee or otherwise support CMC Markets Stockbroking’s obligations under the contracts or agreements connected with the Suncorp Share Trade service.

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