Share Trading In Depth

A detailed look at Share Trade.

Whether you are new to shares, an experienced investor, or someone making the move to online trading, Share Trade could be the perfect platform for you. 
•   Innovative ordering system offers a unique, advanced experience
•   User-friendly interface makes it easy to access the information you need
•   Company share prices and market information available instantly
•   Create stock watch lists of shares you own or want to watch
•   Access key dates easily such as reporting, ex-dividend and IPO listing dates.

Manage your portfolio more effectively.

Share Trade makes it simple for you to access your shares.

•   Access your account online through the Share Trade site or via Suncorp Internet Banking 
•   View and print your portfolio and trading history at any time
•   Receive price and company news alerts via your browser, email or SMS*
•   Send your buy or sell instructions directly to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).+

Home Package Plus Benefits

Home Package Plus customers are eligible for discounted brokerage rates when they invest with Suncorp Share Trade. See the Rates and Fees page for the discounted brokerage rates.

If you are a new or existing Suncorp Bank Share Trade customer and would like to include your Share Trade account in your Home Package Plus package, simply complete the Share Trade Package Opt-in Form and return it to the Client Services Team or tick the Package Opt-in on the online application when you apply.

For more information on the Home Package Plus and associated package benefits, visit your nearest branch or call 13 11 75.

Research and resources. At your fingertips^.

Current market information is a vital investment tool, and Share Trade makes it easy for you to access helpful resources. 
•   Hear expert news and views through our online webinar series
•   Get live share news from the ASX and the Dow Jones newswire
•   Read detailed company research reports on all ASX companies
•   Get your morning off to a great start with a daily market report.

Perfect partner. The Wealth Cash Management Account+.

Your Share Trade Account can also be linked with a Wealth Cash Management Account (WCMA), making trading easier than ever before.
•   Trades are settled seamlessly to this account
•   Interest is earned on your balance in-between trades
•   Funds are at your fingertips for more immediate transactions
•   Transfer instantly between your WCMA and other Suncorp Bank accounts
•   Use your WCMA as a transaction account with a linked Transaction Card or Visa Debit Card
•   No monthly account keeping fee on your WMCA.


Moving to T+2 settlement

In March 2016, the ASX, Chi-X and APX will move from a T+3 (trade date plus three business days) to a T+2 (trade date plus two business days) settlement cycle for cash market trades in Australia. This change will affect all financial products traded on Australian markets and will help to keep Australia aligned with global settlement practices.

What is settlement?
When you buy or sell shares, warrants, ETFs and other listed instruments through your broker you contract to exchange the legal ownership of those instruments for money. This exchange is called settlement. In today’s market, standard settlement usually occurs three business days after a trade takes place (T+3), however the proposed changes will mean this will be done in two business days from March 2016 (T+2).

What does this mean for me?
With a T+2 settlement cycle it will mean you have one less day to settle trades, meaning that you will have quicker access to your funds after selling your shares and will need to fund your buy earlier after purchasing shares.
For more information visit the ASX T+2 website or read the Transition to T+2 Settlement information sheet.
If you have any other questions about this change please contact us on 1300 156 299 or email us.


*Charges may apply for some optional services.

+To trade online you must have a linked Wealth Cash Management Account. Wealth Cash Management Accounts are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722. Please read the Product Information Document before making any decisions regarding this product. Talk to us in branch or contact us on 13 11 55 for a copy. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. To be eligible for a Suncorp Bank Visa Debit card you must be over 18 and a permanent resident of Australia. If not eligible you will receive a Suncorp Bank Transaction card.

^ No warranty or representation is or has been made by or on behalf of CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited or Suncorp-Metway Ltd as to the current or future accuracy, completeness or currency of that material or information.

Suncorp Share Trade is a service provided by CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited ABN 69 081 002 851 AFSL No. 246381, a Participant of the ASX Group (“CMC Markets Stockbroking”) at the request of Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722, AFSL 229882 (“Suncorp”). For a copy of the terms and conditions relating to the Suncorp Share Trade service and the Financial Services Guides for CMC Markets Stockbroking or Suncorp (or other relevant disclosure documents), contact us on 1300 156 299 or via email at Neither CMC Markets Stockbroking nor Suncorp are representatives of each other. To the extent permitted by law, Suncorp will not guarantee or otherwise support CMC Markets Stockbroking’s obligations under the contracts or agreements connected with the Suncorp Share Trade service.


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