Linked Orders

Risk Management with entry and exit strategies

Linked Orders is the new way of trading with Suncorp Share Trade. This new system allows you to use Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders to help improve your risk management by applying entry and exit strategies. This new system also brings with it an improved order ticket and simplified Conditional Orders.

Improved Order Ticket

With the Linked Orders System, Orders will now be placed via a page within the site rather than a separate pop-up window. This improved layout will allow you to view more information about your current Open Orders and Account Balances, as well as full market information including quote, depth and course of sales data.

If you prefer a pop-up style Order ticket, you can open a "quick ticket" from the trading menus. The quick ticket has less information on it but is ideal if you want to setup a number of Orders at the same time. You can even set the Quick Ticket as your default if you like - just go to the Trading Settings tab in the Preferences section (note that Amends and Cancels will always open in the full page ticket).

Simplified Conditional Orders

With the Linked Orders System, order types are simpler. There are just Buy Orders and Sell Orders. Plus, any Order can be made conditional by adding a condition to it via the Add Condition link.

New Linked Order

Linked Orders provide you with the option to plan your entry and exit strategy. Orders can now be broken down into legs that will execute sequentially or in parallel as a One Cancels the Other Order, if this suits your trading strategy. By adding a risk management strategy to your trading you can take the emotion out of it.

1. Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders

The Linked Order types available are Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders. If you link one of these to a "Buy Order" you will be instructing us to buy while also providing us with the conditions under which you want to sell the shares if the market moves against you (Stop Loss – sell to limit the downside), or if the market moves in your favour (Take Profit – sell to lock in profits).

2. One Cancels the Other

You can add both a Stop Loss and Take Profit to a Buy Order, or you can select just one of these options. When you choose both, they will act in parallel, such that if one condition triggers, the other will be cancelled automatically.

3. Processing sequence

Where a Linked Order follows a sequence, each part of the sequence (or leg) will only become active once the preceding leg has been completely filled. If the preceding leg is cancelled or purged (by you, by the ASX or because the expiry date has been reached) before being completely filled, then any subsequent legs will not activate.

Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions have been updated to include the Linked Orders System. Any orders you place on the new Linked Orders System using the new Order ticket will be subject to these amended Terms and Conditions.

Click here to download the Terms and Conditions.


Our Client Services Team will be available to answer any questions you may have about the Linked Orders System. Just phone 1300 156 299 or email them on between 07:00 and 17:00 AEST, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).